A little about me!

Hey! Thought it might be nice to introduce myself a little! My name is Frankee, I am 30 years old, I have 4 children, 2 on the spectrum and one with ADHD! My home is crazy busy! I enjoy getting out as often as possible to take photos, being behind the lens is my most happiest place when the day has been hard! My husband works Mon-Fri, so things get pretty chaotic at home while he is away! I am really hoping to be able to sell some of my images while I am a stay at home mum, something to break up that feeling of being just a mum! I am still adding as I go along and still getting a feel for this whole online store business. I ask you to please hang in there while I slowly learn and add items as I go along! Thank you, much love, Frankee. X


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